Why is a Private Lesson Required?

Private lesson at QuansaAt Quansa, I teach people that their puppy was born with the desire to learn how best to fit in and contribute to the pack he/she lives in; the ONLY problem we must overcome is that we do not speak dog and dogs do not speak English. So successful training is actually more about clear communication than it is about training.

And thanks to the lessons taught by his/her mother, at 8 weeks old, your puppy was actually already trained. This is absolutely true and IF the adult dog(s) in the puppy’s life are respectful, calm and polite, that is exactly what your puppy understands to be normal.

WhyPrivate_2aSadly, too many people bring a puppy into their home, and from the first moment, undo all the good lessons the puppy has learned from his mama. Then when the puppy is about 4 months of age, none of the sassy, disrespectful behaviors are all that cute anymore and the dog is taken to an “obedience” class.

In other training classes, there is very often more food eaten, silly exercises and chaotic play than actual training, problem solving and/or learning useful skills. Even worse, there is little time to focus on individual or unique problems. We believe the most important reason to train your dog is because you want what’s best for you, your family and your dog.

It is only when the dog is behaving and making the decisions that please you that there is job security and satisfaction. The Manners In Minutes training program helps you establish and maintain a harmonious, respectful relationship with your dog.

WhyPrivate_3aThe program is based on Wolf Pack Mentality and clear communication rather than bribery, prevention, slick marketing and shiny gadgets. This is instinct, and it is the information your dog was born already knowing. Once you earn his respect and learn to communicate what you want and do not want him to do, there will be no more problems co-existing with your pack member.

Once the relationship is based on respect and trust, we will help you hone your communication and leadership skills. At that point, the possibilities are only limited by physical ability and your interest. As his leader, you will be highly valued and respected and your dog will love discovering new ways to please you and contribute to your pack.