Private Lessons

Here at Quansa, all dogs begin training with an evaluation and private lesson. In that one lesson:

  • We begin the lesson with an assessment and evaluation of your dog’s temperament: fears, triggers, aggression & intensity levels
  • Problematic habits and behaviors are dealt with
  • A respectful, more appropriate relationship is established
  • Polite manners are taught
  • Desired skills, habits & behaviors are addressed according to what you want and need rather than the general, common lesson plan of the instructor.


A Private Lesson or just a Consultation Session is the appropriate place to teach and/or deal with specific challenges, goals and behaviors. There are fewer distractions for both you and the dog. You are free to ask as many questions as necessary and you will have 2 ½ – 3 hours of our time devoted entirely to the education, training and establishing an appropriate, respectful working relationship with your dog.








There, in fact, is no end to the possibilities:

Any Breed, Any Age, Any Goal, Any Issue, Any Behavior


  • You will not be limited to one hour of training time per week.
  • You, your family and your dog will work with an experienced, knowledgeable instructor rather than a nice person armed with a video or a volunteer/club member of unknown capabilities or experience.
  • You will have three hours of time and expertise devoted to the improvement of your communication, understanding and relationship with your dog.
  • PrivateLessons_5aYou, your family and your dog learn in a safe, calm environment, and you will not have to compete with multiple owners with out-of-control dogs, each with their own unique set of problems and issues and all in need of help.
  • Attending Group Classes may not be realistic for people who live great distances away, but I guarantee you that a Private Lesson on a weekend is well worth the drive.
  • Starting your new dog or puppy on the appropriate path
  • Showmanship
  • Teaching/raising your show puppy to be a respectful companion AND a winner in the ring
  • Gun-shy hunting dogs
  • Dogs that back away or are aggressive to judges
  • Solid staysPrivateLessons_6a
  • Recalls
  • Sharpen up heeling
  • Or just fixing bad training
  • Choosing the right breed
  • Dealing with the loss of a good dog






“If you have a dog, we can help”