Information About Quansa Training

“I would like more information about Quansa training for my dog…”


As a pack animal, your dog is born with a natural desire to seek the approval of his leader and to contribute to his pack as best he can because the pack will not support a worthless member. So to your dog, what you train him to do is never taken lightly. Instead, the dog learns and accepts each lesson in the context and with the seriousness that it is taught.


After all, if the pack leader takes the time to teach a pack member to perform a skill or behavior, it must be important.

On the other hand, if the pack leader is uncommitted, rationalizes failure, excuses noncompliance or if success is not a priority, there is no reason the dog will care or even bother to try. In other words, the dog’s behavior is the perfect reflection of the practices, skills and priorities of the handler and the lifestyle the dog lives.

“Training the dog” usually has more to do with educating the pack leader and the other members of the family than it does teaching the dog positions, competition level performance and fancy tricks. I would suggest that before you consider beginning any training, rememberunless:

  • The instructor’s goals are compatible or at least similar to yours
  • There is clear communication
  • Realistic boundaries & expectations
  • Consistent reinforcement

………… the dog will surely fail.

QuansaInfo_3aQuansaInfo_4aThe purpose of training is to teach a dog the desired and expected behaviors, thus giving him a way to honestly contribute to the pack he lives with. By conditioning the dog to positively and honestly earn praise, we are able to replace any negative behaviors with positive, more desirable behaviors.



Once the dog is mature and the behaviors become habits, you will live with a dog that is the reflection of your effort, consistency and dedication.