Group Classes


For most dogs only one private lesson is necessary and once completed, you and your family along with your dog are welcome to participate in our group classes.

All of our group classes are drop-in and they are on-going.  This means there is no beginning or end to the class sessions.

These classes offer people, even those who travel great distances, the opportunity to:


  • Attend classes when it is convenient for them
  • To sharpen and reinforce the skills learned in the private lesson
  • Solve problems as they arise and get answers to any questions
  • Reinforce the good behaviors established in the puppy lesson and properly guide the puppy through all the stages of maturity to and through adulthood
  • Ensure that a proper relationship between the dog and all members of the family be established and maintained
  • Have the opportunity to socialize and respectfully interact with other people and dogs


In this class, everyone shares, celebrates and learns from each other’s progress and struggles. There are practice exercises, games, plus many new and useful skills. All of this helps keep you and your dog on track until your goal of training your perfect dog is achieved.