Does My Dog Really Need Training?


Q:  I am not sure if my dog needs training. How do I know?

A:  In truth, a disrespectful puppy or dog does not need obedience, tricks, have more exercise or learn a performance. Instead, your disrespectful young pack member is simply in desperate need of some good old fashioned manners: Respect, Direction, Education, Limits and Leadership.



So when someone questions their need to train their dog, I ask them a couple of questions:

  1. “If you treated your boss like your dog treats you or your family, would you have a job tomorrow?”
  2. “If something happened and you had to re-home your dog, how easy would it be to place your dog with someone else?  Or is your only option to put him down or give him up to rescue because no one you know could possibly handle him?”   

In reality, an uneducated, disrespectful dog is very difficult to place and if you answer “No” to either of these questions, losing a home can easily become a death sentence for an out of control, willful, extremely active or physically strong dog.  Training is both the prevention and the solution.