Classes & Seminars

Private Lessons at Quansa KennelsPrivate Lessons the Quansa Way

Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience and are customized to fit your needs and the needs of your dog(s). There is much less stress on the dog and on you. To teach your dog to have respectful manners normally requires one, yes I said one lesson. Instead of waiting for a minute of the instructor’s attention, the entire lesson is devoted to you, your family and your dog’s specific needs. In one lesson, the dog will learn to respect your entire family. The information is easy to comprehend, very effective and offers you solutions for all of your dogs’ behavior problems. At Quansa you will be given realistic solutions to the problem you are having with your dog. In one lesson, you can finally have that loyal, trusting & willing companion…and isn’t this why you got a dog in the first place?

Group Classes for Dogs and OwnersGroup Classes

Group Sessions are for those who have completed a private class, seminar or workshop. Once you have attended a Manners In Minutes private session, seminar or workshop, you are welcome to participate in our Putting It Into Practice class. This is a weekly group class that allows you to “drop in” to fine-tune your handling skills, to keep your dog sharp or just for a fun night out with your dog. In this class, you and your dog will “sample” non-competitive obedience, agility, rally obedience and therapy dog exercises. There are also obstacle courses, “challenges” and strategy games. This class also meets for concerts at “Harry’s Place,” walks along the bike path plus a whole lot more. This is not a highly structured class so you will never know what to expect… and neither will your dog. The lessons learned are useful, fun and informative. As your handling & communication skills improve, your dog will gain confidence, trust and respect for you. I can guarantee that you will be amazed! You will also learn to apply the Manners In Minutes training and make it useful in your everyday life with your dog. For competition and performance dogs, I suggest a bi-weekly private lesson for education and attending the Putting In Into Practice class to keep a good balance.

Dog Training Seminars and WorkshopsManners in Minutes Workshops and Seminars

Manners in Minutes is a unique approach to training, problem solving, temperament testing and establishing a foundation for competition with your dog!


Does your group want training? Manners In Minutes can come to you!
Groups and/or individuals often choose to share the Manners In Minutes method with their friends, other breeders or club members by hosting a one- or two-day seminar. Manners In Minutes Seminar can be held on one day, and easily offer a number of workshops dealing with specific skills, subjects, performances or any other areas of interest on the second day. This is an informative, amazing day for the dogs and their owners. In a basic Manners In Minutes seminar some of the highlights are:


  • Temperament Testing and Shaping Attitude
  • Controlling Intensity & Focusing Aggression
  • The Appropriate Relationship between You, your Family and your Dog
  • Puppy – Prevent the Problems from Starting
  • Walking your Dog on a Leash (No Pulling Allowed.)
  • Four Dependable Recalls
  • Being Appropriate with other Dogs
These are just some of the main topics of a normal Manners In Minutes seminar. However, the seminar is not limited to those listed here.



Now the work begins. In a workshop you will learn to apply the Manners in Minutes principles and efficiently realize your training goals.
Workshops help you and your dog become a confident team. Workshops allow groups, with a common interest, to identify the skills, subjects, problems and/or goals they wish to work on. In a hands-on workshop we can focus on competition, performance and other specific goals.

For More Information about Seminars and Workshops Contact:

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