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Where each client is special and their owners are welcomed as friends.– Pat




Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 1 PM & 5 – 7 PM Saturday: 8 AM – 1 PM Sunday: 8 – 10 AM & 5 – 7 PM Holiday Hrs.: Please ask about holiday hours.


Under 50 lbs: $18.00; 50 to 100 lbs: $19.00; Over 100 lbs: $20.00; Multiple dogs: $1.00 off each dog if dogs are kept in the same kennel. (max. 2 dogs) Note: You are charged for the day you drop off your dog through the day the dog leaves. New charges begin at 10:00am.


For the safety of your pet, other guests, staff and visitors.

  • Dogs must be on a leash in parking area, going into and out of the kennel. This is for the safety of your pet, other guests, staff and visitors.
  • Grooming and/or just bathing before your dog goes home is available and encouraged. Please let us know before you leave the dog.
  • We use beds that are made of indestructible resin and are 4" off the floor. You may bring a small blanket if you like. We discourage the use of large fluffy bed, which can get easily chewed or soiled and are very difficult to deal with if they get wet. Do not bring "family heirlooms" or anything else that you will be heartbroken over if it is destroyed.
  • We will administer medications as needed and provided. Do no send along the whole medication bottle if it is not necessary. Send enough for the length of stay only.
  • For young puppies or small dogs, the large kennel may not be appropriate. For these dogs we do offer crates. Sometimes a less noisy smaller area is more security for them. Either way, we feed twice a day or will adapt to individual requests or needs.
  • We do encourage you to bring a safe toy or article of clothing or towel that has your scent on it. This will be reassuring him that you have not abandoned him.
  • Feel free to call during business hours to check on your pet. You may have a relative or friend pick up your dog, but we ask that you give written permission.
  • Please make us aware of anything that would help us better take care of your pet… his likes, dislikes, fears and bring his favorite treats.
  • Please Do Not Overfeed Your Dog Either Before You Bring Him In Or When You Get Him Home. Often a dog who eats a large meal and then drinks lots of water is a prime candidate for bloat or diarrhea.

Tours are always welcome during business hours. Quansa is an owner-operated business in a country setting.

Our experienced personnel live on site. We are dedicated to keeping your pets happy and comfortable.