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Training Starts Early

Training starts early and builds on the breed's natural instincts. One of the interesting things about all pure-bred dogs is that each breed has certain natural traits that you can pretty much count on. Of course, those… Read more

Pack Mentality: The Proper Relationship

When you decide to bring a dog into your home, you must not think of yourself as “adopting a baby.” As important as a dog can be, none-the-less, the dog truly is and forever will be an animal. Humans understand the concept of… Read more

Dog Training: It’s All About Trust.

It is always best to have a good understanding of the breed(s) you will be dealing with. Get familiar with the seven groups: Working, Terrier, Herding, Sporting, Toy, Non-Sporting and Hound. These are simply groups of dogs with similar… Read more

Are You Ready for Dog Training?

What is Dog Training? Why are you here? What are your goals? What must you know before you begin? Why Manners In Minutes? These are questions that have led you to this site, the home of Manners In… Read more