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Introduction To Manners In Minutes

Get Your Manners in Minutes Training Started Pat Muller, trainer and owner of Quansa Kennels, Inc., introduces you to the concept of pre-conditioning as the gateway to training. Her Manners in Minutes program, using her patented Q-Collar… Read more

Quansa’s Kid Friendly Dog Program: Part 1

Quansa’s: Home Schooling, Kid Friendly Dog Program  Here at Quansa, teaching our dogs to be “Kid Friendly Dogs” is not done in a specific class.  A Kid Friendly Dog is all about establishing a respectful,… Read more

Quansa’s Kid Friendly Dog Program: Part 2

Kid Friendly Dogs:  The Training Process Why is having a Kid Friendly Dog important?  Imagine a group of families in a large room, each concerned with teaching their dog how to he/she should behave, react and fit into their… Read more

The Crown Prince of Dogs

They say the Airedale is the King of the Terriers, but if that's so then certainly the Lakeland Terrier is the Crown Prince. What is so wonderful about Lakeland… Read more