Introduction To Manners In Minutes

Get Your Manners in Minutes Training Started Pat Muller, trainer and owner of Quansa Kennels, Inc., introduces you to the concept of pre-conditioning as the gateway to training. Her Manners in Minutes program, using her patented Q-Collar… Read more

New Videos on YouTube

Pat just added two new videos to her YouTube channel and you can view them both right here. The first video is a discussion of Pat's patented Q-Collar and how it works. Pat invented this training aid and it has been wildly… Read more

Quansa Named First Service-Dog Training Provider by DOGS NFP, Inc.

On January 21, 2016 the DOGS organization recognized Quansa Kennels, Inc. as its first approved provider of participatory service-dog training in the Midwest. “Quansa has a long and distinguished history of providing service dogs… Read more

Quansa’s Kid Friendly Dog Program: Part 1

Quansa’s: Home Schooling, Kid Friendly Dog Program  Here at Quansa, teaching our dogs to be “Kid Friendly Dogs” is not done in a specific class.  A Kid Friendly Dog is all about establishing a respectful,… Read more