Quansa’s Kid Friendly Dog Program: Part 2

Kid Friendly Dogs:  The Training Process

Kid Firendly Dog-reading dogWhy is having a Kid Friendly Dog important?  Imagine a group of families in a large room, each concerned with teaching their dog how to he/she should behave, react and fit into their world.  Each person/family has a unique dog, live in a unique situation and have specific, unique needs and goals.  None of the common training classes in the world can possibly address each one on an individual basis.

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Here at Quansa, before any dog is allowed to join one of my group classes it must first attend a private lesson.  In that lesson, I first teach the humans what it means to be a capable, worthy pack leader.  I explain that it is up to them to establish and maintain their own expectations for the dog.  Those expectations must be realistic, fair, firm, consistently maintained and there must always be acknowledgement for good effort.

Next, we condition the dog to be respectful of authority; and that includes ALL members of the family plus anyone else the pack leadersKid Friendly Dog-Demo program decide is acceptable.  Besides learning to be respectful, the dog is taught a few choice commands that become the “tools” that allow humans to clearly communicate with their canine pack member(s).  Remember the dog only understands what you have clearly taught and that he absolutely understands. 

  • The dog must clearly understand what is expected of him
  • The human(s) must clearly understand their responsibilities
  • The humans in the family as well as the dog must be familiar with all basic commands. 
  • The commands are actually your “Tools of Communication” and without them, there is no way the dog can possibly know what you want him to do.

Quansa: Kid Friendly Dog Guidelines and Goals

The guidelines for a Quansa Kid Friendly Dog imprint desired concepts and shape the dog’s mind in such a way that it is primed and prepared to learn how to co-habitat harmoniously with the pack he is a member of.

Pie chart for mastering your tools=success

Inclusion in a pack equals survival to the dog, he instinctively knows he cannot survive on his own.  Because a proper pack does not support any worthless, non-contributing members, the dog is born with a strong desire to contribute to the success of his pack.

So when a young puppy moves into his new home, he walks in fully expecting to be taught boundaries, limits and exactly what he is expected to do.  His mother would have taught him to respectfully comply, some rules and skills.

Even more important than tricks and skills, is that the puppy was born understanding that the pack was more important than the individual members.  The puppy is born with the desire to care more about pleasing his leadeKid Friendly Dog - elevator exercise in the parkrs in order to keep favor rather than self- indulgently pleasing himself.

Because the Kid Friendly Dog Program was created based on the natural instincts of the wolf pack, instead of concentrating on training for performance, the focus is on Leadership, Communication, Patience, Proper Handling and NEVER pulling on the lead held by his leader. 

In Conclusion

Kid Friendly Dog - dogs in circleThink about it, teaching positions, prevention, repetition and/or bribing with treats does not fix a bad attitude; a worthy, capable Leader and a respectful relationship does.

Once these wonderful pieces are in place, teaching any performance is a snap.  Because of the patience and improved attitude in the dog, any and all training can be done in a fraction of the time.Kid Friendly Dog - Rally

I hope this helps you have a better understanding of our Kid Friendly Dog Program.  Kid Friendly Dog - Kid and DogI encourage you to visit this site often.  If you like what you see, I encourage you to order the Manners In Minutes Home Schooling Program.  This will allow you to join in the training fun and in no time you will have a Kid Friendly Dog of your own.

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Pat Muller