Quansa’s Kid Friendly Dog Program: Part 1

Quansa’s: Home Schooling, Kid Friendly Dog ProgramKid Friendly Dogs being trained

 Here at Quansa, teaching our dogs to be “Kid Friendly Dogs” is not done in a specific class.  A Kid Friendly Dog is all about establishing a respectful, harmonious relationship and has little to do with competition, obedience or performance.  Further, success is the result of capable leadership, clear communication and realistic expectations. 

 There is no room for intimidation, harsh corrections, prevention, bribery, demands for attention, forced activity or depending on maturity.  These methods put the ball in the dog’s court and in most cases, the dog actually ends up “teaching” his owner to do what pleases him enough to even consider cooperating. 

It is always amazing to me the out-landish “hoops” too many owners are willing to jump through trying to motivate their little darling to demonstrate even a hint of compliance.  Sadly and with a smile of pride, even a fleeting hint of success earns the dog lavish praise and lots of treats.

Although the owner may be happy, the dog understands that if the pack leader is willing to settle for mediocrity or less, that is exactly what the results will very predictably be.  Unfortunately, too many have fallen into this trap and because disrespectful, out of control, rude and even aggressive behaviors have become the new “normal;” in both our dogs and worse, our children.  

There are many owners with common sense who would normally never even consider using bribery or any of the rest to train their dog; BUT because they paid for the class, saw it on TV or “they” (whoever that is) told him/her to do it; common sense is thrown aside and they concider that to be adequate training.

It is not all that effective but because everyone else in the class is doing the same, there is validation and comfort when the class results in mediocrity or less.  Worse yet, in those classes you are told anything less than 100% success is always the fault of the owner.

I see this all the time when frustrated people come to me for help.  My response is always:  “The dog never deliberately chooses to fail.  So if you have honestly done what the instructor taught you to do; it was not you or the dog that failed.  Failure is often nothing more than the result of the instructor and the dog’s owner having different goals.

The owner wants and needs the dog to learn polite, respectful manners but the instructor is concentrating on teaching precision and performance.  If that is the case, no one will end up being satisfied or pleased with the results.


Kid Friendly Dogs Are Dogs that Want to please Their Leader

Kid Friendly Dog at the Horse Fair with kids

To understand this program, I ask you first to clear your mind of all that you already know about training dogs to be obedient.  I am not telling you that all you know is wrong, instead I am asking you to consider and understand some additional information.  Then make a decision about what you truly want your relationship with your dog to be.

Kid Friendly Dog - The proper relationshipA properly trained and conditioned Kid Friendly Dog is the owner’s reward for patiently and deliberately shaping the puppy’s temperament, personality and behaviors into an adult whose desire it is to please his leader(s).  This means raising the puppy through all the stages of maturity; then teaching the necessary and age appropriate skills that ensure the dog will become the perfect mature adult to live in your home. 

Once mature, a properly conditioned Kid Friendly Dog will understand and willingly accept the boundaries, expectations and life style you expect him to live:

  • How he should behave and react in any situationKid Friendly Dog- A dog for everyone
  • Is compliant of all Realistic Expectations
  • To be respectful of Established Boundaries
  • Respond calmly, consistently & dependably to the commands he has been taught and understands.
  • Understand that each command and behavior has an On Switch, Off Switch & Dimmer Switch that enables his humans to control the intensity of EVERY behavior/command.
  • The dog is expected to be respectful of the youngest, oldest, weakest and most limited human members of the pack he lives in.

Once properly educated and mature, the dog is able to live harmoniously, respectfully, happily with an attitude that is worry free to parents, children, visitors, veterinarians and groomers- in other words: the youngest, oldest, weakest, most limited members of your household.

At Quansa we encourage families to also use their Kid Friendly Dog as a “teaching tool.”  Because through the puppy raising/dog training process, pareKid Friendly Dog - Polite at all timesnts, grandparents, neighbors and teachers possess a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate:

  • How to teach the importance of good manners
  •  Learn about responsibility
  • Teach their children valuable leadership skills
  • How to communicate clearly and effectively

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