We are Very Busy Behind the Scenes

WhatCost_2aIf you do some checking, you will see that between Carolyn, Shani, Jon and Jason many changes to this site are happening! We have a new header on the homepage, a whole new color scheme and we've added a brand new feature….the new Q-Talk Blog. Also be sure you check out "Classes" and you'll discover lots of new information.

Soon we will be adding a number of videos. I will guarantee you will find these to be interesting, informative as well as very entertaining and even addictive. The videos will be a wonderful addition to the site. Once posted, they should answer many of your questions and bring a smile to your face as well.

Believe me, none of these changes would possibly occur except for the fact I have some VERY awesome friends and believe me, they are the best.

Updating the Quansa Website is just the beginning and I can't wait to share the all the "pieces" that make up Life at Quansa with you.

My best advice, check often………. Later Pat